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Trees. Greyscale of silver birch trunks.
You can't see the wood for the trees!

Work in Progress gives a glimpse of what the author is currently working on. There are a number of projects underway, some using the nom de plume, E.V Faulkner.


Skypea and the Tyger - the future is divided, unsurprisingly into the haves and have nots. Two children from opposing backgrounds take on the authorities.

World's End- A historical mash-up of fictional characters. Some support the new alien alliance government, others don't - especially when megalomania is at the helm.


Lux Aeterna - three different characters form an unlikely alliance in a bid to keep the peace. An ex-soldier, an acrobat and an educated thief. There's more to their country than meets the eye.


Rottnest - (written under the pen-name E.V Faulkner). Peter Dawes is a 59-year-old music journalist, once an A&R man. Gets one last chance at fame/success.

Saint Peter's Knickers - A Y.A tale of an odd girl with an unshakeable innocent outlook on life.

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