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'Piety Scroggins ate a pie

Piety Scroggins is going to die

Piety Scroggins smells like sick

Piety Scroggins is thick, thick, thick!'

"What's wrong with you?"

Piety Scroggins is a hard name to bear, but harder still if you’re the poor kid with learning diffs. She isn’t like other kids. She thought she had left the bullies behind when she arrives at secondary school. But an old adversary and new ones make Piety’s life a misery, and making friends is almost impossible when you’re the weird kid. She seems unable to do anything right.

That is, until she meets the angel!

E. V Faulkner's second novella is the story of a child struggling to navigate life, find friends, and learn how all families are not like hers.

A heartwarming and moving tale.

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Paperback and ebook

Sticks & Stones Books presents the first novel by E. V Faulkner. Rottnest is the tale of Peter Dawes, a never-quite-made-it music journalist and his quest for a final chance at fame.

He heads to the remote estate of Rottnest in the Yorkshire Dales, in the hope of getting an unusual band to sign with him. Peter seems to have stepped back in time when he arrives at the decrepit titular mansion. The residents are equally bizarre - trapped in a hippie-esque lifestyle.  

A delightful exploration of middle age, loss and the nature of failure. 

'Rottnest is an absorbing and layered story, with a small cast of realistic, interesting and flawed characters. It is moving, intriguing, mysterious and at times very funny. This is a book you don’t just put down at the end; it’s one that will stay with you. Highly recommended.' Mike Wood, Author of Travelling in a Box.


The Floating Church.
Alexandra Peel

The Floating Church
paperback and ebook

The Floating Church is the first novella written by the author, Alexandra Peel. 

Historical fiction with a hint of magical realism, a charming coming of age tale. Set in 1603, in an isolated village in Cumbria, it follows the sedate life of thirteen-year-old Susanna Assheby. All a young girl could wish for on the cusp of womanhood - a sweetheart, popularity, to be the May Queen, seem trivial once the new clergyman, Creedance Halley arrives. 

His presence heralds a change for the villagers, and especially Susannah. 

'The plot is perfectly paced...and the prose is lyrical. The writing seems simple and effortless which is a testament to the writer's skill.' Daja, reviewer.

Steampunk Novel 

Beneath the Skin is a Steampunk adventure that follows the travails of airship courier, Shakti O’Malley, who takes on one last job before heading home. It will be a job she deeply regrets. Shakti is drawn into a world of international politics and espionage. France’s Empire has overtaken the British and has a strong alliance with India, and a covert group of Gentlemen have ideas to alter the balance of power. There is something Shakti has that they desperately want - and will go to great lengths to acquire. She has a loyal crew, but they are only, to all appearances, simple couriers, and with multiple nefarious hirelings and a deadly, angelic assassin in pursuit, it seems an almost impossible task to remain at liberty. 

Book cover for Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin: Part One: Where Sleeps the Serpent?

Cover for Beneath the Skin: Book Two

Beneath the Skin: Part Two: The Song of the Nightingale.

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Short Story Collections

Sticks & Stones

Paperback and ebook

A collection of nine short stories on the theme of witches. In Cwmdonkin Park, a young Dylan Thomas meets the witch Ceridwen who grants him the gift of poetry. The Cusp has a young witch making a decision that will affect the lives of many, and Rescuing Robert explores spirits in connection to mental health.



This humorous collection of twelve Penny Dreadful style tales traverses continents as the treasure hunting duo steals from just about anybody, including the Pope! 

Some saucy scenes and violence, 


Eight christmas tales for grown-ups.

A miscellaneous collection of seasonal chillers brings ghosts and pagan horrors. Interspersed between there is a sprinkle of humour and a dash of hope. There are stories here to make you shiver and shake, and smile. Get comfy, light your candles, and embrace the spirit of Christmas.
“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night"

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Short Story Publications

Anthologies by various publishers

deadlybargain, anthology.

Deadly Bargain

Colors in Darkness

theAsterisk Anthology

Asterisk Anthology Nosetouch Press

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Tick Tock

Wirral Writers

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New Myths Magazine

The Singularity

The Singularity

Collective ramblings

Collective Ramblings

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Sticks and Stones banner_edited.jpg
Sticks and Stones banner_edited.jpg

"A real page-turner that left me wanting more - and there is a sequel due soon, I believe.
A great read - recommended."

Beneath the Skin

Mick Kelly, writer and musician


"I’ve now been initiated into the world of steampunk, and I love it! Alexandra’s world-building is astonishingly easy to visualise, the details impeccable, her characters vibrant and believable. I was so keen to get back to this book each time and most certainly will be reading more!"

Beneath the Skin

Julia Colbourn, author of  The Glass Knight and  The Kill Shot

"Compelling short stories, an original and intelligent take on witchcraft."

Sticks & Stones

Amazon Customer

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