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One More Time

A drabble is a type of micro- fiction. Shorter, generally, than flash fiction writing. Some writers maintain they should be no longer than 100 words. Others will stretch to 300.

This drabble came about in response to a flash fiction competition. To write about the Apocalypse in 100 words or less. A gloomy topic I decided to treat with levity. 

            "And that brings us to the end of our Tour of the Apocalypses, ladies. Please take all your belongings and follow your group leader through to the coffee and gift shop."

They disembarked in a flutter of appreciation, awe, and promises to come again.

"Don't forget to purchase your very own plague victim miniature or add to your Four Horsemen collection. Thank you for travelling with Tempus Stabit and do remember our motto 'Time waits for no man, but it damn well will for us.' Isn't that right ladies?"

The tour guide checked her watch. 

"One more, before the end."

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