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First Draft

March 2023

New Year ~ New Blog ~ New Headache

It has been pointed out that Sticks & Stones should have a blog.

I, Alexandra, do have a patchwork of a blog that has become sadly neglected, in the shape of Flailing Through Life, on WordPress. Feel free to trundle over there and, if you have the tenacity, plough through the randomness of it all.

This isn’t, won’t be, that. I promise. I hope. But as the anonymous quote goes – Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver.

Anyway, here we go –

Welcome to our new blog! This is going to be cool and ultra-smooth with shiny curved bits that glint and glisten with intelligent posts about writing ultra-shiny literature and mastering the creative process from my perspective.

Correction – it’ll be about my books and my writing, and the agonies with respect to them.

January to March 2023 has been a weird one for me. Me and my husband moved house last October. The first home we have ever been homeowners (we’re both in our late fifties), so head in odd spaces – repairs, decorating, visits to the tip, mad, chaotic, weed-riddled garden. But it’s ours and we love it.

Writing has taken slightly second place and I’ve found myself itching to get on, and yet, unable to sit still for long periods and apply myself. I’m pretty sure that I have ADHD. Lots of people who know me think the same. Of, course, I’ve never been properly diagnosed, but I tick a lot of the boxes. I managed almost 6 hours the other day. In-between laundry and pootling.

I generally have a couple of pieces going at the same time. But, I do need to focus. Gareth Powell told me via Twitter that I need to pick one, redraft, edit, finish. And I did! But I have fallen back into old bad habits. The two main contenders at the moment are a historical fantasy novel, which quite possibly will end up as a trilogy - it stands at just over 130k, and a sci-fi novel about two young girls from opposing cultures.

That’s it for now. Time to crack on with the day job! *sigh

Alexandra Peel

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