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Welcome to Sticks & Stones, where you can discover the published work of Alexandra Peel. 

Diverse short story and novel writer in the genres of horror, steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi and literary fiction.


 Alexandra Peel

Alexandra is a visual artist turned author. She has a Degree in Fine Art, Sculpture and has been a freelance community artist, painter, graphics tutor and book seller. She currently works as a Learning Support Practitioner in a F.E/H. E college. 

She has several short stories published in anthologies.

She lives in the NW of England with her husband of many years.

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Coming Soon

Saint Peter's Knickers
by E.V Faulkner

Saint Peter's Knickers.png

"What's wrong with you?"

Piety Scroggins is a hard name to bear, but harder still if you’re the poor kid with learning diffs. She isn’t like other kids. She thought she had left the bullies behind when she arrives at secondary school. But an old adversary and new ones make Piety’s life a misery, and making friends is almost impossible when you’re the weird kid. She seems unable to do anything right.

That is, until she meets the angel!

E. V Faulkner's second novella is the story of a child struggling to navigate life, find friends, and learn how all families are not like hers.

A heartwarming and moving tale.


'Piety Scroggins ate a pie

Piety Scroggins is going to die

Piety Scroggins smells like sick

Piety Scroggins is thick, thick, thick!'

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With Vince Stevenson - Boomers on Books

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 "I don’t like fantasy in general but I loved this book. At it’s best (and, for my money, the best is the story ‘Nine’) it could pass for Angela Carter."

Sticks & Stones

Amazon Customer


"This is one of the most captivating books I've read in a long time. It's more than steampunk, it's adventure, alt-history, it has an element of fantasy, and at times there is outright horror, in that we meet a chilling villain, who, for all his evil, is a villain that is believable, because he has depth.
The protagonist, Shakti, is immediately engaging."

Beneath the Skin

Mjke Wood, award winning sci-fi author

"A compact collection of well-crafted short stories on the theme of witches and witchcraft. There are some graphic and quite uncomfortable stories in this collection, but the vivid use of language makes it a very entertaining read."

Sticks & Stones

Amazon Customer

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