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Welcome to Sticks & Stones, where you can discover the published work of Alexandra Peel. 

Diverse short story and novel writer in the genres of horror, steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi and literary fiction.

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by E.V Faulkner

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Everyone’s family is weird, but some are weirder than others.

When Peter Dawes, ageing music journalist, receives an anonymously sent cassette tape in the post inviting him to Rottnest, an isolated mansion in the north of England, he believes this is his last chance to make a name for himself in the industry. And possibly win back his ex-lover. Peter has a gently cynical view about the condition of his older body and finds himself acutely aware of it when he meets the residents of the decrepit Rottnest.

Musicians with extraordinary talent and an extraordinary facility for consuming marijuana, they respond to Peter’s request with reticence and a little hostility. Determined to get a signed contract, Peter doggedly pursues each member in turn in an attempt to win them over. In the process, he uncovers secrets and uncomfortable truths.
Peter discovers the musicians have some strange habits and beliefs; they are a family stuck in the past. In Rottnest, it is forever the 1970s…

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"They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but the skill and imagination required to produce this story says otherwise. This was a truly unique and compelling read." Amazon review

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With Vince Stevenson - Boomers on Books

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 "I don’t like fantasy in general but I loved this book. At it’s best (and, for my money, the best is the story ‘Nine’) it could pass for Angela Carter."

Sticks & Stones

Amazon Customer


"This is one of the most captivating books I've read in a long time. It's more than steampunk, it's adventure, alt-history, it has an element of fantasy, and at times there is outright horror, in that we meet a chilling villain, who, for all his evil, is a villain that is believable, because he has depth.
The protagonist, Shakti, is immediately engaging."

Beneath the Skin

Mjke Wood, award winning sci-fi author

"A compact collection of well-crafted short stories on the theme of witches and witchcraft. There are some graphic and quite uncomfortable stories in this collection, but the vivid use of language makes it a very entertaining read."

Sticks & Stones

Amazon Customer

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