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United Kingdom

Welcome to Sticks & Stones, where you can discover the published work of Alexandra Peel and E.V Faulkner. 

Diverse short story, novel, and novella writers in the genres of horror, steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi and literary fiction.


 Alexandra Peel

Alexandra is a visual artist turned author. She has a Degree in Fine Art, Sculpture and has been a freelance community artist, painter, graphics tutor and book seller. She currently works as a Learning Support Practitioner in a F.E/H. E college. 

She has several short stories published in anthologies.

She lives in the NW of England with her husband of many years.

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With Vince Stevenson - Boomers on Books

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Chat Interviews - Writers, Filmmakers, Creators...



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 "I don’t like fantasy in general but I loved this book. At it’s best (and, for my money, the best is the story ‘Nine’) it could pass for Angela Carter."

Sticks & Stones

Amazon Customer


"This is one of the most captivating books I've read in a long time. It's more than steampunk, it's adventure, alt-history, it has an element of fantasy, and at times there is outright horror, in that we meet a chilling villain, who, for all his evil, is a villain that is believable, because he has depth.
The protagonist, Shakti, is immediately engaging."

Beneath the Skin

Mjke Wood, award winning sci-fi author

"A compact collection of well-crafted short stories on the theme of witches and witchcraft. There are some graphic and quite uncomfortable stories in this collection, but the vivid use of language makes it a very entertaining read."

Sticks & Stones

Amazon Customer

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